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Monday, January 18, 2010

The incredible power of COLOR
2010 forecasts
Color is one of the first things we notice when entering a room. It can set a mood, provide comfort or give voice to our personalities. The right color brings out the beauty of furnishings and enhances a room's decor. In fact, the impact of color is so important to every aspect of our lives, there is an international organization called the Color Marketing Group (CMG) that follows and reports on color trends and developments in all industries from home, fashion or automotive. Many companies rely on their forecasts to make the right color selections to be in alignment with trends that haven't even hit the market yet.
For 2010, the trends are defined as a combination of classic and contemporary. Cool and warm, quiet and vibrant, stable and unpredictable.
"Gray is THE neutral" meant to partner with every other imaginable color. The number one color combination for 2010, a gamut of blues (including both blue-greens and purple hues) balanced with warm yellows, oranges and pinks."
Other important trends include
*Layering and texture
*New city brights, for a ZING of color
*Metallics are still popular
* Less matchy colors and more unexpected pairings
Today's top colors, as presented by the 2010 Color Marketing Group
*PURPLE-grayed out violet: Redder plums: bluer-influenced fuchsias
*Blue is the new green-a whole range of blues including soft watery blues and vibrant sky blues'
*Grays and cooled down browns (taupe)
*Yellow for energy-bright vivid yellow is the stand out accent color.
*Bright accents from India, China and Turkey-yield oranges, turquoises and teals, red and yellow abound.
*White is now a business color - in matte vs. gloss: shine vs. shimmer
*What's old is new again, Mauve is back, but in new dusty violet shades, works as an accent but also as a neutral punched up by bright Asian accents.
If all this sounds a bit overwhelming, remember that trends come and go. It is more important to find out what color combination brings YOU comfort and speaks to YOUR soul.
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Monday, January 11, 2010

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