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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kitchen transformations and updating idea's

As the weather starts to turn warmer (hopefully) and we get the itch to update or change a few things, no other room in the house will give you the most "bang for your buck" as a kitchen update. Whether you are looking for a total remodel or just something along the lines of a "face lift" or freshening up, there are numerous possibilities. So with that in mind, I thought I would start a short series on ideas that can inspire you along the way. There are numerous aspects to kitchen updates but no other element has the transforming power of cabinetry. With the economy still in a fragile situation, I am asked many times just what can be done to existing cabinets to give them a fresh look. One good option, if the cabinets are in good shape, (maybe just outdated) is a good coat of paint. The transformation is amazing. Don't think you are stuck with a dated look of oak, with the right color combinations your kitchen will have a totally fresh new look. The picture at the top shows a "Butter Yellow" paint, softened with a glaze over the top. Yellow cabinetry can give even the darkest kitchen a sunnier disposition and it comes in a surprising variety of shades, from pale buttermilk, zesty lemon or gold. I have personally updated a clients oak kitchen cabinets with this theme and the outcome was outstanding.

This year's colors trends lean a bit toward the neutrals, and pewter is considered one of the neutrals. Black cabinetry has long been of favorite of mine, but if you want something a bit softer you can get fabulous effects with the subtle sheen of pewter. This neutral can act as a bridge between vintage and modern. Coupled with stainless steel appliances this can be a real eye popper.

If you're a bid timid about going too far with colored cabinetry, then think about concentrating it where it will have the most impact. That could be an island, or an amoire-style pantry or anything that you would like to create as a focal point. By repeating the accent color in other parts of the room, you will gain continuity and the magic of a room that flows well.

Not just "color" but the "finish" applied acts as major impact on the final look. Here, a glossy lacquer finish maximizes the reflectivity and intensity of the soft green color. This lends itself to a more modern contemporary look, whereas the same color used with a matte finish would have muted the green and lended itself to a more traditional

How about a "mix and match"? Try mixing your white cabinetry with a vibrant statement. Mixing colors let's you enjoy the best of both worlds and ensures a visually interesting result.

The two photo's above show the wide versatility of color choices,the photo on the right is done in a soft gray blue with a high gloss finish that gives an edgier look than the previously all white cabinetry. By using the high gloss finish, the look lends itself to a more contemporary feeling. The picture on the left gathered it's inspiration from the china plate on display, creating a warm and friendly ambiance. Whatever your inspiration or ideas are, a fabulous and economical kitchen renovation might just start with the cabinetry. For more ideas and a personalized consultation, I would be happy to schedule an appointment with you. Please call me at 360-687-5076/Walls too Windows, Interior Design.
Stayed tuned for the next in the series of Kitchen renovations, " The use of glass and lighting"